Air Brush Guns 9 CC

৳ 3,000.00 ৳ 2,800.00

Applications :

Art departments of advertising agencies.

Fine art studios.

Photographic studios.

Architectural studios.

Artists & artisans in design shops.


Round to flat pattern adjustment.

Lightweight and sleek body.

Comfortable handle and trigger action

The Air Brush guns are small and lightweight  Balanced handle for comfortable & firm grip Easy trigger action for convenient use Needle adjustment

Technical Specifications:

Cup capacity (ml) – 10

Max. pattern width (mm) – 20

Gun distance from work piece mm (inch) – 50(2)

Fluid nozzle orifice dia (mm) – 0.3

Required pressure (kgs/sq/cm.) – 1.5

Air consumption of rated pressure lit/min(c.f.m) – 5 (0.17)

Material output (cc/min) – 2 Min.

Air-compressor (HP) – 0.25

Weight of gun (gms) – 90

Included Accessories: Needle Wrench Connector Nipple

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