UV flame detectors IP54 by Siemens – QRA10

৳ 18,000.00 ৳ 17,000.00

– Die-cast aluminium housing with a 1 in.  mounting coupling (D) and a connection facility for cooling air. This housing has a bayonet fitting which allows it to be secured either directly to the mounting coupling or to the glass holder AGG06. The mounting coupling can be screwed to a viewing tube or to the ball head AGG07.
– Direct mounting on burner
– Intermittent use
– IP54 protection.
– Temperature Range: -20 to 60 °C.




The UV flame detectors QRA10.C and QRA10M.C for the supervision of gas flames, yellow or blue oilflames and for ignition spark proving.

Operation: when the UV radiation of the flame in the position of the detector is high enough, the detector is activated during each half wave, giving a signal current.

For burner control drives:
LGB1 … / LGB4 … with AGQ1 …
LFE1 … LFE10 …
LMG … with AGQ2 …
LME21 … / LME22 … / LME39 … with AGQ3 …
LMV2 … / LMV3 …
LMV1 … with AGQ1 …


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