• 2″ LDR Fisher Gas regulator Type 1098

    LDR Fisher Gas regulator
    Type 1098Size: 2″ Flange Type
    Input 80psi
    Min diff below- 3
    Actuator size 70
    Output approximately 4000cft/h

    ৳ 790,000.00
  • MADAS RG/2MBZ Gas Regulators

    Model: RG/2MBZ80.

    Type: Industrial.

    Connection Size: 3″ PN16.

    Max inlet pressure: 0.5 to 5 bar.

    Outlet pressure: 13-22 mbar

    • Outlet over pressure shut off device (only Madas RG/2MBZ): it stops the gas flow when the regulator outlet pressure goes up the device setting value
    • Relief valve: it vents outside small quantity of gas in case there are downstream regulator over-pressure.That exhaust it is convoyed outside in case of installation in environment with bad ventilation
    • Outlet low pressure shut off device (only Madas RG/2MBZ): it stops the gas flow when the regulator outlet pressure goes down the device setting value. It closes even if there is no inlet pressure.
    • Outlet pressure test point.
    • 30mm to 50mm Flanged PN16 option
    • In conformity with the 2009/142/EC Directive (Gas Directive)
    • In conformity with EN 88.2 – EN 334
    • In conformity with the 97/23/EC Directive (PED Directive)
    • In conformity with the 94/9/EC Directive (ATEX Directive)
    ৳ 190,000.00
  • SIEMENS TP1900 Comfort panel

    SIMATIC HMI TP1900 Comfort PRO
    SIMATIC HMI TP1900 Comfort Pro for support arm (expandable, round pipe) and extension unit, Comfort Panel, touch operation, 19″ widescreen TFT display, 16 million colors, PROFINET interface, MPI/PROFIBUS DP interface, 24 MB configuration memory, WEC 2013, configurable from WinCC Comfort V14 SP1 with HSP
    ৳ 180,000.00
  • LPG Type Fisher High Pressure gas regulator 2″

    LPG Type Fisher High Pressure gas regulator 2″

    Inlet Pressure: 10 Bar

    Outlet Pressure:0-4 Bar

    Flange Type

    Thread Size: 2″

    Brand: FISHER

    Made In USA

    ৳ 155,000.00
  • Siemens RWF40 Single Loop Temp/Pressure Control

    • Model: RWF40.011A97
    • Three analog and two binary inputs.
    • “Auto Tune” PID output control.
    • Optional MOD BUS interface.
    • Dual set point and set point limits.
    • Three-level access/locking feature.
    • Auto/Manual control feature.

    LEDs on the front indicate the following operating states:
    Control ON / OFF
    Positioning pulses ON or OFF for driving the burner ́s air damper when using
    modulating burner control, or stage I / stage II when using 2-stage burner control
    «2-stage» operating mode
    Position of the configurable contact «K6»
    Manual control ON / OFF
    During operation, the digital display above the LEDs shows the set point (green), the
    actual value (red) and – when making parameter settings – the relevant parameters.

    ৳ 155,000.00
  • Semi Automatic Non-woven Bag Making Machine Set

    Type Of Bag Shopping Bag
    Model AH-60S
    Capacity(Pieces per hour) 250-300
    Voltage 220v
    Usage/Application New
    Max Bag Length 1-100 mm, 100-200 mm, 200-300 mm, 300-400 mm, 400-500 mm
    Bag Size (inch) 100-200mm, 200-300mm, 300-400mm 400-500mm
    Supplier AMR Trading Corporation
    Machine Weight 100
    Condition New
    ৳ 143,000.00
  • Thermal Fogger HTF-10

    Made In Turkey

    Brand : HSC

    Model : HTF-10

    Power 28 HP – 17,5 kW
    Fuel Tank Volume 2.1 LT
    Ignition Electronic ignition coil fed by 4 x 1.5V “A”dry Batteries
    Average Fuel Consumption 1-1,9 lt/ h
    Start up System Manual
    Solution Depot Capacity 5-10 lt (Optional)
    Cut off System Optional
    Average Solution Consumption 5-15 lt/ h
    Empty Weight 8,6 kg
    Sizes (cm) 125x38x33
    ৳ 120,000.00

    Thermal Fogger HTF-10

    ৳ 120,000.00
  • Fogger Machine Model: TF 35

    Fogger Machine

    Model: TF  35

    Brand: IGEBA

    Engine Octen/Petrol Type

    Tank Capacity: 5Ltr

    Steel Body Heavy Duty

    Origin: Germany

    (1 years Warranty)

    ৳ 98,000.00
  • Swing fog SN-50 Germany

    Power, Combustion Chamber: 18.7 kW / 25.4 hp 16,100 kcal/h
    Fuel Consumption: 0.5 gallons or 2 liters p/h
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.4 gallons or 1.4 ltr
    Solution Tank Capacity: 2.4 gallons or 9 liters
    Solution Tank Material: Stainless Steel Polyethylene
    Over pressure in Fuel Tank: 0.08 bar
    Feed Pressure in the Solution Tank: 0.3 – 0.4 bar
    Ignition: Through 4 dry batteries in series
    (negative or ground) Electronic ignition coil
    Weight (empty): 20 lbs or 9.3 kg
    Country of Origin: GERMANY.

    ৳ 95,000.00

    Swing fog SN-50 Germany

    ৳ 95,000.00
  • Siemens Servo Motor, SQN75.624.A21B

    Use and features

    The SQN7… actuators are designed for driving gas or air dampers of oil or gas burners of small to medium capacity, for load-dependent control of the fuel and combustion air volume:

    • In connection with P-PI or PID controllers, such as the RWF40…
    • Directly via the different types of burner controls, such as LFL…, LME…, LMG…, LMO…, LOA…
    • In connection with 1- or 2-wire control or 3-position controllers

    All types of actuators feature:

    • Impact-proof and heat-resistant plastic housings
    • Screw terminals for the electrical connections
    • Maintenance-free gear train, which can be disengaged
    • Internal position indication
    • Easy-to-adjust end and auxiliary switches for adjusting the switching points
    • Integrated electronic circuits
    • Holding torque:
      • SQN70… / SQN71… / SQN75.. 0.7…1.3 Nm
      • SQN74… 0.7 Nm
    • Running time:
      • SQN70… / SQN71… / SQN75… 4…30 s
      • SQN74… 4 s
    • Direction of rotation:
      • SQN70… / SQN74… counterclockwise
      • SQN71… / SQN75… clockwise
    • Equivalent to actuators of the same category made by Conectron and Berger
    ৳ 95,000.00

    Model: RG/2MC
    Size: DN50
    P1: 0.5-2 bar.
    Type: THREADED
    Rp: 2″
    P2: 50-450mbar.

    Brand: MADAS

    Made In Italy

    ৳ 85,000.00
  • Petrol Engine Type Pressure Jet Washer – 6500 PSI

    • Extremely Powerful Unit
    • 8.5HP Four Stroke PETROL Engine
    • 6500 PSI Output
    • Great for Cleaning Patios, Cars, MX & More
    • Ideal for Car, Bike Wash, Resorts, Floor – pathway and pool cleaning and places where electricity is not readily available
    ৳ 80,000.00৳ 85,000.00

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